Here be Malware! Watch What You Download

12 May


Funny, tonight I intended to write about a short video I saw on Tosh.0 and the moral outrage it made me feel.  And then, while searching for the real video, my computer came across some malware.  Short version: be careful what you click on.  Even if you have a Mac.

Long version: I always look at the url before I click on a link in search results.  This one was something like, so I thought the site was legit. I saw a real-looking page for a moment, and then-boom- what appeared to be notifications of malware detected all over my beautiful MacBook.  I guess I got lazy- Macs just don’t get viruses, right?

What made me suspicious is that I was then told that to get rid of the malware, I would have to buy something called Mac Protector, for at least $70 a year. That raised my suspicions, and then began to google Mac Protector.  Sure enough, I found this wonderful site that showed me, step by step, how to remove the stuff from my computer.  It was pretty quick and easy.  Use your common sense, folks- you shouldn’t have to buy special anti-virus software as soon as your computer is “infested” with malware (there was no malware- turns out this is all a ploy to get your credit card digits).  And yes, maybe in the future I’ll write about the shock of watching small children dancing very suggestively at a kid’s birthday party, which I saw on a rerun of Tosh.0. Oh well.

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