Bridesmaids: Girls Being Funny Part II

15 May
Best Scene in Bridesmaids

Best Scene in Bridesmaids

This morning I finally went to see Bridesmaids (matinee price=$6, woo hoo)! While many of the scenes in the commercials are not in the movie, this is also not a movie where the best scenes are all in the trailer.  There is plenty of funny from beginning to end, and the serious stuff of female frenemies and the pain of seeing a friendship fade are also worthwhile.  Seeing the movie is not uncomfortable if you’re an unwed woman of a certain age; it IS a bit uncomfortable to watch if you’ve ever experienced a falling out with an old friend.

As I expressed before, it is heartening to see that Hollywood is throwing its weight behind a cast featuring women being funny, and also focusing on a woman and her relationships (it also helps that this woman is played by neither Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl). The script was very well-written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, expertly balancing humor and pathos while developing great comic characters (special mention has to be made of Melissa McCarthy, who nearly steals the movie as Megan, the future sister-in-law of Maya Rudolph’s character Lillian) and allowing a love interest for Kristen Wiig’s Annie to blossom (every girl’s a sucker for an Irish accent.  Chris O’Dowd proves to be quite charming).  And yes, there is some tension between Annie, Lillian’s oldest friend, and Helen, a newer friend of Lillian’s who tries to bogart her way into the Maid of Honor job. The photo above is of a great scene where the two women vie to give the most heartfelt toast ever. Hilarious.

Congratulations to the makers of this great comedy made by and for women. I can’t wait to laugh my way through more movies like this one.

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