Alumni Events

19 May


I attended an alumni event tonight for my graduate school.  I hesitated whether or not to go- these sorts of things can be awkward.  The last one I attended was mostly populated with alums I didn’t know.  At that point I was unemployed and looking at the occasion as a way to network, and I remember feeling self-conscious when people asked what I did and if they could have a business card.

It’s funny how life changes in just a couple of short years. Some people who seemed invincible with their impressive jobs are now anxiously looking for work.  Although I was once in their shoes, I now have a job I enjoy.  It is nice to attend these events and see people with whom I shared two great years of study.  At this particular event, I didn’t talk to any new people, which was fine. I got caught up with some dear old friends, and got a free Anchor Steam in the process.

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