Marketing Campaign Development: Buy this Book

24 May
Marketing Campaign Development

Marketing Campaign Development

Several months ago, I was pleased to preview some several chapters from a forthcoming book on marketing from a former marketing professor, Mike Gospe.  As someone new to the marketing world, I found his course on “Essentials of Integrated Marketing” very helpful in providing a framework for understanding how to market. I think that before you can map out a marketing campaign, or send out a variety of marketing materials, you have to get down to basics.

Gospe’s new book,  “Marketing Campaign Development: What Marketing Executives Need to Know About Architecting Global Integrated Marketing Campaigns”, outlines in detail the ideas of personas, positioning statements and the message box.  Simply stated, the persona is the client, and all of their attributes.  Example: I’m selling handbags and my persona is Lisa, an 18 year old student who loves fashion but is cost-conscious.  Next, a positioning statement is crafted to better state the brand’s position among its competitors.  So, X  handbags are the stylish, affordable handbag for the young girl who wants to look good while not caring about designer labels. Lastly is the message box, where it is all put together. So, “For the style maven who wants it all without breaking the bank- X  handbags”.

The book goes further into detail and provides real-life case studies so that the reader can see how these exercises have helped Silicon Valley’s top companies succeed in marketing. I gave the book a positive capsule review that appears in the back, but I have yet to read the finished copy. I look forward to doing so very soon.

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