Bringing up Baby With No Gender

28 May
Little Girls

Little Girls

Surely by now you’ve heard of the Canadian couple, David Stocker and Kathy Witterick, who have decided to raise their 4 month old baby Storm as “gender neutral” (never mind that the poor baby has the name of an American Gladiator).  The fact that this news has generated such outrage speaks to the woman and man in all of us. There are indeed many aspects of gender identity that are imposed by society, but I believe that men and women are inherently different.  Anyone who has observed toddlers can see it- baby girls and baby boys develop differently.  Boys are rambunctious and physical, and girls tend to develop language and social skills earlier than boys.

Without giving Baby Storm a gender, he or she will be rudderless.  A good approach for the open-minded parent is, I believe, to allow a son to play with dolls if he chooses or a girls play with toy trucks if she chooses, but at the end of the day, parents mold their children.  There are so many other disturbing aspects of this story. Like the fact that the 5 year old child in the family is being “unschooled”.  Which is a nice way of saying he is being uneducated. The parents claim to teach him only when he asks to learn something, which is pretty ludicrous. If all kids were taught this way, no one would learn anything.  These well-meaning parents are providing their kids with no path or guidance in life, to an extreme.

And I think that in trying to de-emphasize the importance of gender in forming an identity, they are making it a much bigger deal.  Will Storm feel shame when he or she goes to use a public bathroom? Will she or he feel overwhelmed when it comes time to relate to his or her peers? Without having been given the most basic aspect of identity by his or her parents, who have relegated Storm to a toddlerhood of being an it, Storm faces much confusion in her or her earlier years.  I wish this young kid the best of luck in figuring out who he or she is.



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