The End of a Very Bloggy May

31 May

As I lay here, I am suffering from the after effects of a bad stomach virus that has been plaguing me for days. I want nothing more than to shut off the computer, crawl up into a ball and not think about the blog.  And yet, I have gone these last 31 days by writing at least something in this blog, no matter how short or trivial.  Late at night and exhausted? Nevertheless I wrote “Rickhouse on a Tuesday”.

Yet I don’t want to give the impression that this mission to write every night for a month was a chore.  It only felt that way if, as mentioned,  I was sick or tired. But I decided, at the end of April, that forcing myself to write something every day would give me the boost I needed.  Forced to write regularly, I would have to be creative.  It also meant not restricting myself to just writing about technology and Latino issues, which I found a bit constraining. No, by writing about a broader array of topics,  I exercised my writing muscle.  Also, the great thing about blogging is that, at least in my opinion, it should read like a well-written first draft. Not a final draft, but a first draft.  Thus, I am not constantly editing and revising and fretting about whether a post is good enough.  I write it, and try not to judge the work once it’s published.

I will use this renewed confidence in my ability to write to continue writing for the blog, but not force myself to do it every day. I have a life! And I get sleepy.  But I have caught the blogging bug for good.  So please stay tuned for more.

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