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19 Aug
Why not now

Why not now

When I recently paid my yearly fee for owning this fabulous domain name (take note, Salma Hayek, the term Lebanexican is mine!), I realized it’s silly to pay money for if I am going to let it lie dormant with no new posts since 2012! I then told myself that I would do a month of a blog post a day, just as I did in May 2011, but then realized, why wait until September 1st? Why not now?

Why not now? are three great words to keep in mind when it’s tempting to put the brakes on an idea. I intend to try out a new recipe, but don’t. I intend to lace up my running shoes, but don’t. And yet, I just need remind myself, why not now? So I will be writing a bit here, a bit there, about topics of interest to me. They may be short, they may be long, but I’ll be breathing some new life into this old blog. Welcome back, reader.

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