It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

3 Sep

Do you ever find that you feel a tad guilty when the headlines scream bloody murder and yet life at a microcosmic level seems to be going great? I often find this is the case. Our country is on the brink of war as we contemplate a strike against Syria, Egypt is on the verge of civil war, Russia is persecuting gay people, the economy is still recovering (although let’s get real, here in California and San Francisco things are pretty sweet), global warming is accelerating. And yet.

Life goes on. We should work like hell to make sure that, bit by bit, things are improved. Maybe we don’t solve the Syria crisis, but we donate to the Red Cross. We can’t stop environmental degradation single-handedly, but we can reuse canvas bags and drive less. Sometimes on a personal level life is on the up and up- the family is great, the friends are great, your lungs fill with sweet September air and all is right with the world. I walk home and look out to stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and feel very fortunate and blessed. There is suffering, all around us and at all times, but it is good to embrace life and be happy in the midst of the tumult of the world. So let’s not feel bad for feeling fine. Life continues.

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