A Post of Fire and Ice: Stormborn

24 Jul

The second episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones, “Stormborn”, takes us right where we left off after “Dragonstone“.  Daenerys Targaryen is a far cry from the meek bride married off to Khal Drogo in season 1; after amassing wealth and an army, breaking chains across Slaver’s Bay and instilling fear across Essos, she has developed into a fierce leader, learning to suss out the true motives of those around her, though still leaning on the counsel of a trusted few, such as Tyrion Lannister and, in this episode, Olenna Tyrell. Daenerys is certainly my pick to sit on the Iron Throne by series’ end, though we are seeing what kind of ruler she may be, and again, whether she will be fair and just or inherit the mad tendencies of her father (note that she told Varys, who seems to be moving up in the dead pool after his tense standoff with the Khaleesi, that she would burn him alive if he betrayed her). This is also the first season, perhaps since season 2 in Qarth, that Danerys is without the moderating influence of a lover. Recall that she left Dario Naaharis in Meereen. Without a lover to confide in, she harder, less soft. For better or worse.

Similarly, Cersei is more ruthless without three children to love. She seems to overestimate the loyalty of her subjects and underestimates the severity of what she is up against (Using a crossbow to fight dragons? Marrying the usurping king of the unimportant Iron Islands?). Cersei betrays no fear, but her position seems rather weak moving forward. She seems to have no allies and a weak military advantage faced with Khaleesi’s formidable forces. Also, notably, she has no one shrewd- no Tywin, no Varys, no Littlefinger- advising her. Only her brother Jaime is left to entreaty his sister to think through her actions and plead the Lannister case within Westeros.

Elsewhere, the prospect of Arya reuniting with her sister Sansa and Jon Snow meeting Daenerys is very real, and imminent. We are, remarkably, already one third of the way through this short season, which means that every character is featured for a reason. Samwell Tarly must be curing Jorah Mormont of his greyscale for some reason (both characters are the most loyal followers of Jon Snow and Khaleesi, respectively). Theon must have jumped ship, literally, for some reason, so he could serve some greater purpose elsewhere in the plot, other than just to serve as a living cautionary tale against betrayal and cowardice. Missandei and Grey Worm, though not important movers of the greater plot, are both humble servants of the Mother of Dragons. Their growing love has been satisfying to watch, and Grey Worm’s speech about Missandei being his weakness was a highlight of the episode.

The pieces are still being laid on the grand chess board (as comedian Kumail Nanjiani pointed out on Twitter, the manufacturers of the game pieces moved around on these massive maps must be the wealthiest house in Westeros). Things are moving fast, and characters from disparate parts of the realm are meeting and clashing and partnering already. Next week’s episode promises to be even more satisfying (Stark reunion!).


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