The Transformative Power of Travel

2 May
Venice Italy

Venice Italy

I just got back from picking up my parents from the airport.  They just returned from two weeks in Italy.  This was my Mother’s first trip to Italy, and my father’s first trip abroad, ever. They kept in touch throughout the trip with the new possession that my formerly technophobic Father now loves more than life itself- the iPad.  And it has been through emails sent through the iPad that I was able to catch a glimpse of the eye-opening experience my parents were having.

What’s more, not only was I happy that, in their empty nest years, they’re seeing and doing and learning new things, but the experience of eagerly waiting for word from them, hearing them confirm their safe arrival, double checking their flight time and opening the mail to find a postcard from a new city- well, it made me realize what it may have been like to be in their shoes all those years. As parents age, children switch roles and begin to adopt a more maternal role for the ones who always cared for them. I’ve been noticing it more and more over the years.  I urge them to eat better and exercise more.  Now that I’m able to, I’d like to take care of them more.  Just as a parent is happy whenever their child is happy, so too did I feel a vicarious thrill at news of their happy travels. My travels have opened my eyes over the years, and now I am glad that my parents get to experience this same thrill of discovering new lands and peoples. It all comes full circle.

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