San Francisco Ballet’s The Little Mermaid

4 May
Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

I am posting this a few minutes past midnight, so technically this means I didn’t post anything on the 3rd of May. But technically I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so for me it is still the third.

I just saw The Little Mermaid by the San Francisco Ballet at the War Memorial Opera House.  It was long- hey, I am just now getting to bed, and it’s a Tuesday- and the material was dark.  But the dancing was pure artistry, and the lead dancer in particular, Yuan Yuan Tan in the title role, gave a bravura performance. The ballet really makes one think about unrequited love, heartbreak, sacrifice, naivete, and disappointment. I am actually not a huge ballet fan- I went mostly to go out with some girlfriends on a “school night”- but this one was particularly moving.

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