May it Rain

16 May


After several days of good inspiration for blogging- art and movies and books and politics and the end of the world- tonight I feel like I’ve momentarily run out of steam. What to say? The rain is lashing against my window, and the heater is on.  It feels quite nice to feel warm and cozy and safe from the cold, wet weather. I am thinking of a friend who emailed tonight.  We used to be close, but I don’t hear from her much any more.  Her heart was broken, and she was reaching out.  It felt good to chat with her online, if only briefly. If just for a brief moment, I felt like I had helped a friend who has helped me so many times.

It’s a comforting thought on a cold spring night.

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  1. Ajra October 9, 2011 at 7:10 pm #


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